Website Building Guide For Beginners

A step by step guide in building a website for beginners.

Steps Involved:

1.Registering/purchasing domain and hosting.

2.Connecting domain and hosting.


Mind Map To Follow:

Registering/purchasing domain and hosting:

a.Choosing a domain name and check availability. Make sure to prefer “.com” instead of “.in” “.org” etc. as it grabs more attention. You can check the availability of websites on domain providing companies like, Godaddy, etc.

b.Finding the right domain & hosting provider. Always go for two different providers for hosting and domain. Choose a provider whose service is good and provides good customer support. Only prefer those providers whose uptime and the loading speed is good that is those providers having different servers in different areas.

c.Purchase domain and hosting.

Connecting Domain and Hosting:

a.Finding name servers from the hosting company. They will email you the details of your hosting where you can find the nameservers.

b.Copy the custom name servers with your domain providing company, usually, you will find it in the dashboard.

c.Then you will get the Cpanel (control panel)login link & details in the email. Alternatively, you can access the Cpanel from “ ”.

d.Login to your Cpanel and install WordPress & set ID & password.


a.WordPress is the easiest web publishing software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog.

b.Access your WordPress by entering the URL “”.

c.Select a theme as per your preference in styling your website. There are many free themes & you can go for premium themes also.

d.Add plugins as per your requirement.

e.You are ready to go.

The video tutorial is here : website building guide

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